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Alpiners' First trips

Posted by kathy miles on April 12, 2015 at 8:30 AM

Let me tell you about the first Alpiner hike I went on, although you will get this too late to share with the others today. It was on 12/5/10, Cindy McF and I went with you and 10 others plus 2 dogs to Hall Falls in Stratford. Trisa was there and I already knew her thru the HealthLink hikes. I remember all the Alpiners as being very friendly and welcoming. You shared a Peppermint Pig and that was the first time I heard about the pig. It was supposed to be a 4 mile R/T hike but ended up being 6 miles because we couldn’t cross a wet area. It snowed lightly all day and it was very muddy on the trail. It was the first of many memorable adventures with the Alpiners. TB



My first hike with the Alpiners was 1990, give or take. It was a ski trip. I’m not quite sure what our intended destination was but we were starting from the McKeever trailhead. If you’re not familiar, that's off Route 28, a few miles south of Thendara. You come to a cluster of a few houses/camps, continue on past the old train station, cross the tracks and soon come to a good-sized parking area. That’s the summer parking area. In winter you have to park about a half mile back, just before the old train station. This was early winter and snow was adequate, though not plentiful. Our leader, Dick, had gone up the week before to check on conditions. At that time he had had no trouble driving his Buick all the way to the summer parking area, so come what may he was going to park there on the day of the trip. He’s a stubborn man, not that there’s any other kind. So the day of the trip he continued on past the old train station and the driver of the other car (Jim L.), not pausing to consider, followed along. Well, it had snowed sometime during the previous week. The cars got maybe 50 yards before getting stuck. Really stuck. We spent the rest of the day digging, pushing, and gunning the engines (in reverse) trying to get out. We’d work for a while, then take a break while Dick and Burt had a cigarette, then dig/push/gun some more. Eventually a few kindly snowmobilers came along and, with their added pushing muscles, we were able to get the cars back to where they could get traction.

Did I ever go out with those people again? Sure. GG



In the fall of 1997 I took a computer class at BOCES, Herkimer. I learned plenty at the class but the luckiest thing for me was that I was seated next to an Alpiner, Dick. He invited me to attend an Alpiner hike. My first hike was Nov. 9 of that year. Walt O was the leader. We hiked near Salt Springville. The schedule says that we were to hike the Ohissa State Forest & Otsquaga State Forest. “Amazing examples of “deep wilderness” right in our own back yard. We may do just one of the forests if time presses or fatigue weighs heavy.” I don’t remember if we did both forest or too much about the hike but it was the first of many Alpiner hikes and events for me and my introduction to Walt O, one of the most colorful individuals I ever had the pleasure of knowing. KM


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