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located in the Central Mohawk Valley of Upstate New York


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Jackson Hill Shorty

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March 14, 2018

Jackson Hill ski/snowshoe

6 members attending

Lauren took off on his skis to ski the Into-theWoods trail. He had to break trail across the field on the fresh snow. Then the rest of us went down a steep trail on snow shoes. We had to break trail. But it was worth it to be out in the beautiful woods. After a couple of loop trails we gathered at the warming Hut for a great lunch. Lauren had started the fire. As usual, we had plenty of food and a bottle of wine. Also a classic toast to a great day with Pama.


Alpiner Pond via Jockeybush Lake

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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Alpiner Pond via Jockeybush Lake-snowshoe

9 members attending

With mild temperature in the upper 30s we started down the foot trail to Jockeybush Lake. Well ‘down’ is not quite accurate. The trek to Jockeybush and from there to Alpiner Pond is mostly up hill. In addition to the climbing our other obstacles were 1.) the trail surface, which was pretty firm but lumpy from others having bare-booted and leaving deep holes 2.) water crossings. Nancy counted the crossings where there was running water. Between the trailhead and Jockeybush Lake we crossed 15 streams/ditches and from Jockeybush to Alpiner Pond there were an additional 5. Trail breaking from the end of the foot path to Alpiner Pond wasn’t too hard. The snow was deep but pretty well consolidated. But of course it wasn’t hard for 8 of us since Gail did all the breaking. We found our sign still secure and in good shape. We had our lunch pond-side near the sign after a few hikers tested the ice on the pond. We then headed back. It felt much easier as now it was mostly downhill and the 9 of us had leveled off the trail surface somewhat.

For 4 of today’s hikers it was their first pilgrimage to Alpiner Pond. All true Alpiners should make the trip sometime.


Partridge Run

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Partridge Run

February 10, 2018

Event No. 1120

4 members, 2 guests

The forecast for an icy mix early on did not deter us from exploring the East section of the Partridge Run WMA. Neither did a broken snowshoe binding. Fortunately an extra pair was brought. We decided to park a car down the road in order to do a through trip with long downhills. A sprinkle accompanied us for about 1/2 our hike. The trail had been broken by snowmobiles for the most part. We did meet a few groups of them and several skiers. This area of Albany County is so pretty with many old logging roads, ponds, open fields, streams and hemlocks. We all enjoyed a lunch at the Apple Barrel.



Shorty at Sharon's

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Shorty at Sharon's

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

A few hikers braved the snow on Wednesday for some great snow conditions and great views: 

We snow hiked through the woods with views of ohisa Creek and endless ravine with some open snow fields too. After our hike we had some good home cooked eats and beer. Great day



Pashley Falls hike

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Pashley Falls loop

Saturday, February 3, 2018

14 members and one guest

No one else on the trail all day

We had a large, brave group that headed out on a chilly Saturday morning to explore Pashley Falls near Indian Lake. Early on, we took a short spur off our trail to take a peak at a frozen Lake Adirondack. We also spiked down part of the Elm Lake trail to explore for a future attempt.

We then headed down a beautiful, snowy, narrow trail past a cedar forest to arrive at the Cedar River and Pashley Falls. Some may look at the falls and say “what falls?”, I did the first time I saw them. But any excuse to travel down this beautiful trail for bird watching, spring flowers and a cool dip in the water is a good enough excuse for me. This time of year we enjoyed the frozen formations as the trees danced with their white tutus on and the iced river made patterns. We enjoyed a delicious Frangelico communion and an “Everything in the Baking Drawer” Brownie with salted peanuts, coconut, and dark choc and butterscotch chips.


Cooperstown Christmas Walk

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December 17, 2017

We enjoyed a brisk walk around town to view the old homes and their Christmas decorations. We viewed the lake from two locations and learned more about Castle Rock. We realized it is not located at the brewery. We observed the beginnings of the mighty Susquehanna River before it flows 464 miles in to the Chesapeake Bay. We noticed that an art gallery in the Library opens at 11:00 so we looped a couple of more streets and returned to warm up and view photo and works of local artist. We walked through the main drag before returning to the Hawkeye Grill for another great meal.

Holey Boulders and Watch Hill

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Event # 1114

December 2, 2017

One canine and nine human Alpiners gathered at the Watch Hill trailhead in Indian Lake. The group first set foot to the Snowy Mountain boulder field (also known as the Holy Boulders) following an informal path covered in a dusting of snow over crunchy leaves through open woods. The massive glacial erratics came into view at one mile. Everyone enjoyed exploring the unique boulders and took advantage of many fun photo opportunities. We then returned to the parking area where we proceeded to climb Watch Hill. It was a mild, windless December day so the group was able to take in the views of Snowy Mountain peaking through the clouds, the Griffin Brook Slide and portions of Indian Lake from the open ridge of Watch Hill at .7 miles. Snacks and spirits along with lively conversation where shared before trekking back down to the parking area. The group covered 4.2 miles in two short hikes. A post hike lunch stop was made at Logan's in Spectulator.

Sleeping Lion hike

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14 members and one pup attending

We were fortunate to have a cool sunny day sandwiched between

two dreary days for our hike. We eventually assembled from several

meeting points at one of the trailheads (except for three members

through no fault of their own).

Sleeping Lion is a relatively easy hike through nicely maintained mature

forest. The trail does undulate but is by no means difficult. On descent the

lake can be seen through the trees.When we arrived at the trailhead we were

greeted by Kathy,Linda and Jan…..a happy meetup. We decided to extend the

hike a bit down a small loop along the lake. Max enjoyed a refreshing swim.

Our day ended with a delicious lunch at the newly redecorated Hawkeye

Grill. The overall distance was 4 miles.

Hadley Mt. hike

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Saturday October 28,2017

Event 1112

It was a beautiful Fall morning and the parking area at the base of the mountain was already full. A dozen Alpiners signed in and headed to the summit. Hadley has the challenge of an immediate ascent over bedrock and loose boulders and now leaves have been added.The trail ,however, is beautifully maintained and just requires a bit of caution. Although the group set out at a variety of paces we all convened at the summit In time for lunch. It was quite windy but none-the-less enjoyable. We decided to leave the “Animal Park” for our next visit and after checking up on maintenance that was being done on the forester’s cabin we all headed down. Hadley has a very strong presence of organized care through the Cornell Extension Service out of Ballston Spa. They have a tremendous brochure at the sign-in kiosk and have added numbered spots along the trail with points of interest. Well done! When we got to the base, we checked the register and tallied the total hikers at that point in the day as over 100 signed in.

Camp Sagamore Trails

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Wednesday October 26, 2017 Shorty?????

What a perfect fall day! Twelve Alpiners started our hike around Sagamore Lake on the east side of the camp. The trail was beautiful with easy climbs and views of the lake. Halfway around the lake we found a monument for John Hoy. Marie started an idea to figure out who he might be!

When we approached the Slope trail all were interested in the side trip to the power house designed by Thomas Edison in 1911 to provide lights to the Sagamore Great Camp.

After exploring the power house we hiked the trail along the Sagamore Outlet to the parking area. Six plus miles.

Starving we headed to the Raquette Lake Hotel & Tap Room. We were treated to great food and drink by a great bartender and cooking staff. Marie googled John Hoy. She discovered that he was killed in a carriage accident and a Vanderbilt child was seriously injured

Learned that the road to Sagamore is plowed in the winter and might be great for a ski or snowshoe outing.