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Ithaca Waterfalls overnight trip

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May 16-17, 2018

11 members and 2 guests attending

After parking we walked a couple of blocks to the trail to Cascadilla Falls (nine waterfalls and many stairs). We hiked up to college town at Cornell for lunch. We went to the very popular Ithaca Bagel Shop. Good service in a place filled with college students. We saw students sitting in the gorge reading books. One girl had walked across the creek and hung her hammock. Next some of us checked out Ithaca Falls below the old Ithaca gun factory. We returned to Buttermilk Falls State Park where we hiked the gorge trail and returned on the rim trail, 1.5miles. Eleven beautiful falls, one after another. More stairs. We returned to the hotels. The downtown group had a hotel room party and later went to Moosewood Restaurant. As usual Sue had us in stitches. The other group had dinner at a steak house.

The next day after breakfast we met at Taughannock Falls State Park. The gorge trail was closed to remove loose rocks along the cliffs. We drove to the overlook and walked a portion of the rim trail above and both sides of the falls. From there we followed Barb and Jack on back roads to the Ithaca Beer Company tap room for lunch. We had a surprise; Laura’s brother stopped in for a visit.

Most of the group continued to Robert H. Treman State Park where we has a short hike to the beautiful Treman Falls, then drove to the upper park to hike to the overlook of Lucifer Falls. We headed home and some stopped for ice cream in Ithaca. The Kathys headed off to a winery.

Oklahoma Gulf hike

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

11 members attending

We had a glorious day for our hike. The morning started out at a perfect 60-degree temperature and sunny as we made our way down the trail. We first wound our way thru open woods on an old logging road and then hit the snowmobile trail. Once we got to the actual trail we began our up and down traverse taking in the views of the small streams and ravines along the way. The trail was mostly dry with only one rather large mud puddle we had to go around. The wildflowers were beginning to peek out and we saw some trillium and bloodroot. At times it seemed as though it was all uphill, but we rested and persevered! The day heated up as we made our way around the loop heading for home. Luckily there was a slight breeze in spots. The dogs all took advantage of the streams to get a drink and cool off. We were all wishing there was a big enough pool to jump in ourselves! The last hill was a doozy and we all worked off enough calories that we didn’t feel at all guilty when we made it back to house and devoured our lunch and libations! We walked about 3 miles in all with a 465-foot total ascent. I later learned that the area is called Oklahoma Gulf and the stream we saw was Oklahoma Creek.

Shorty Waterfalls West

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Alpiner Shorty Hike #111

May 2,2018 Waterfalls West.

We saw one on the Black River where we were met with 20 motorcyclist from Fort Drum they were on a spring outing too. Seven on the Lower Moose River and one on Otter Creek. Great day.

It was so hot that we enjoyed standing in the cold mist provided by some of the falls.

Five Alpiners 

I was looking at a Whitewater map of the Bottom Moose (as they call it) and we missed about three more falls.

Silver Hollow hike

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Trip Report – Silver Hollow


Event # 1124


Ten members attending

After meeting at the parking area at the junction of 30A & I-88, the brave hikers headed south to Hunter and Silver Hollow. The weatherman had decided to provide us with a new coating of snow overnight to make the ride south most enjoyable. Parking at the trailhead was challenging, we were asked by the landowner to move our vehicles down the road to park, this gave the drivers a nice extra hill to climb to warm up on. At the trailhead some hikers decided that snow shoes were necessary, other choose micro spikes and others just bare booted it.

We started steeply up the trail on the new snow cover with a bright sunny day upon us. Travel was fairly easy, and the group made good time to the first junction at .5 miles. Bob and Kathy had scoped out the trail two days prior, so the group did not miss the turn up the mountain that had eluded Bob & Kathy on Thursday. The new snow cover made parts of the trail very beautiful with snow covering many of the trees. We reached the plateau and the first viewpoint at 1.2 miles in short time. The sky was clear and sunny, so we were treated to great views that were well worth the effort. Continuing across the plateau we enjoyed the many ups and downs the trail provided (Adirondack level Bob claimed). Around noon a perfect downed tree was spotted for lunch. After a group picture and rewards from Bob & Kathy, the group decide to keep moving across the top. After a short time we began to descend, and it was decided to turn around and head back. The views while heading down the trail were very nice. Kathy supplied cookies for everyone at the conclusion of the hike.

On the trip home the group stopped an Schoharie Valley Farms (Carrot Barn) to purchase goodies. Once again Arlo got beat to the last loaf of bread! He swears that next time he’s calling ahead to get his bread reserved!


Yatesville Falls Shorty

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Yatesville Falls Shorty hike

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

2 member skiers, 11 members shoeing, 1 guest shoeing, 2 members lunching only, 3 pups

Lauren and Sharon G started in on ski’s. The rest of the group headed in on snowshoes. Molly was sinking in so Pat returned her to her truck. The falls was still frozen over and very lovely. Too icy to rappel down into the gorge. That adventure will have to wait for summer.


We returned to the cars and most of us headed to Jim’s Irish Harbor Pub! Service, food and drink were great. Rick defined us as a drinking club with a hiking problem. Another great day with friends.

Jackson Hill Shorty

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March 14, 2018

Jackson Hill ski/snowshoe

6 members attending

Lauren took off on his skis to ski the Into-theWoods trail. He had to break trail across the field on the fresh snow. Then the rest of us went down a steep trail on snow shoes. We had to break trail. But it was worth it to be out in the beautiful woods. After a couple of loop trails we gathered at the warming Hut for a great lunch. Lauren had started the fire. As usual, we had plenty of food and a bottle of wine. Also a classic toast to a great day with Pama.


Alpiner Pond via Jockeybush Lake

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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Alpiner Pond via Jockeybush Lake-snowshoe

9 members attending

With mild temperature in the upper 30s we started down the foot trail to Jockeybush Lake. Well ‘down’ is not quite accurate. The trek to Jockeybush and from there to Alpiner Pond is mostly up hill. In addition to the climbing our other obstacles were 1.) the trail surface, which was pretty firm but lumpy from others having bare-booted and leaving deep holes 2.) water crossings. Nancy counted the crossings where there was running water. Between the trailhead and Jockeybush Lake we crossed 15 streams/ditches and from Jockeybush to Alpiner Pond there were an additional 5. Trail breaking from the end of the foot path to Alpiner Pond wasn’t too hard. The snow was deep but pretty well consolidated. But of course it wasn’t hard for 8 of us since Gail did all the breaking. We found our sign still secure and in good shape. We had our lunch pond-side near the sign after a few hikers tested the ice on the pond. We then headed back. It felt much easier as now it was mostly downhill and the 9 of us had leveled off the trail surface somewhat.

For 4 of today’s hikers it was their first pilgrimage to Alpiner Pond. All true Alpiners should make the trip sometime.


Partridge Run

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Partridge Run

February 10, 2018

Event No. 1120

4 members, 2 guests

The forecast for an icy mix early on did not deter us from exploring the East section of the Partridge Run WMA. Neither did a broken snowshoe binding. Fortunately an extra pair was brought. We decided to park a car down the road in order to do a through trip with long downhills. A sprinkle accompanied us for about 1/2 our hike. The trail had been broken by snowmobiles for the most part. We did meet a few groups of them and several skiers. This area of Albany County is so pretty with many old logging roads, ponds, open fields, streams and hemlocks. We all enjoyed a lunch at the Apple Barrel.



Shorty at Sharon's

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Shorty at Sharon's

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

A few hikers braved the snow on Wednesday for some great snow conditions and great views: 

We snow hiked through the woods with views of ohisa Creek and endless ravine with some open snow fields too. After our hike we had some good home cooked eats and beer. Great day



Pashley Falls hike

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Pashley Falls loop

Saturday, February 3, 2018

14 members and one guest

No one else on the trail all day

We had a large, brave group that headed out on a chilly Saturday morning to explore Pashley Falls near Indian Lake. Early on, we took a short spur off our trail to take a peak at a frozen Lake Adirondack. We also spiked down part of the Elm Lake trail to explore for a future attempt.

We then headed down a beautiful, snowy, narrow trail past a cedar forest to arrive at the Cedar River and Pashley Falls. Some may look at the falls and say “what falls?”, I did the first time I saw them. But any excuse to travel down this beautiful trail for bird watching, spring flowers and a cool dip in the water is a good enough excuse for me. This time of year we enjoyed the frozen formations as the trees danced with their white tutus on and the iced river made patterns. We enjoyed a delicious Frangelico communion and an “Everything in the Baking Drawer” Brownie with salted peanuts, coconut, and dark choc and butterscotch chips.